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At Singapore Heng Sheng, we work with achievers like you to define the impact you want to make on the world. We help you customize business plans that give full play to your funds to work toward achieving your goals. With us, you can fulfill the envision for your life, family, community and beyond.

Our company have revolutionized numerous real estate practices and set the standard of success as a result of an unwavering focus on long-term, sustainable growth and a unique blend of an entrepreneurial drive with institutional discipline.

Our company is proactively engineered with the agility and flexibility to evolve. We strive to achieve long-term success by anticipating change at the macro level and evaluating emerging trends within their specialty sector and real estate market area. Growing through change is more than a goal; it is a hallmark of us.

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Latest News

Grenada National Resort Partners with US-based Immigration Lawyers

In the dynamic and aggressive world of the Citizenship Investment Programme, developers are in a constant struggle to offer the best services to their clients and to make for processes that are efficient and robust. As a new development, entering a new market, the Grenada National Resort project understands that positioning, appeal, and service are crucial elements for increasing its investment portfolio. In view of this, the Grenada National Resort project works with a team of lawyers from around the globe, and especially in the United States, who are experienced, knowledgeable, and accomplished in working with investors and immigration, to help make the process smoother, transparent and vigorous.

Grenada National Resort, Silver Winner at Macau Design Competition

Featured among excellent works on display at the 2020 "Golden Lotus Cup" International (Macau) Design Competition, as well as the 6th "Golden Lotus Cup" International Design Masters Invitational Competition, the Grenada National Resort emerged a proud award-winner for its architectural design.

Singapore Heng Sheng and Robert Trent Jones II Group of Golf Course Architects Finalize Design of the 18 Hole Championship Golf Course for the Grenada National Resort project

Singapore Heng Sheng Company received a team from the Robert Trent Jones II Group of Golf Course Architects (RTJ II) to discuss the 18 hole Championship golf course design and construction components of the Grenada National Resort project, developed by Singapore Zheng Sheng Company. In attendance were Jack Lin (Project Manager of golf course construction at Grenada National Resort), Robert 'Trent Jones III (COO of RTJ II), and Mike Gorman. The team had a frank, pleasant, and productive conversation.

The Levera Project Brings Holiday Relief to 200 Families in St. Patrick

The Grenada National Resort Project is bringing Holiday relief in the form of food vouchers to two hundred (200) families in the community of St. Patrick.















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