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Grenada National Tourism Resort Project Signing and Celebration Ceremony
  On May 18, the Group's Singapore company successfully held the Grenada National Tourism Resort project signing and celebration ceremony at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. Mr. Peter David, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Grenada, Abbie David, Grenada's Ambassador to China, Mr. Adrian Joseph, Chief Protocol Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Grenada, and Ms. Sheila Harris M. Harris), business consultant Mr. Green (Kenneth Green) and a group of distinguished guests traveled far and wide to meet us in the beautiful lion city of Singapore, to welcome the signing ceremony of the Grenada National Tourism Resort project, and to seek a blueprint for development.
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Grenada National Tourism Resort Project Promotion Conference
  From August 18th to 22nd, 2019, the Grenada National Tourism Resort Project Promotion Conference was held in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and ended successfully.
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The client of the Grenada National Tourism Resort project was successfully approved!
  Recently, the latest batch of clients for the Grenada National Tourism Resort project was successfully approved and obtained passport documents.
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Grenada E2 visa: the perfect springboard for immigration to the United States
  When it comes to immigration, many people think of the United States. The United States is a world power. With its developed economy, advanced medical care, first-class education and complete welfare, it has become one of the first destinations for Chinese high-net-worth individuals to live, work, study, and invest overseas.
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In this era, the second passport goes from luxury goods to necessities
  The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has proved the importance of citizenship by investment as an asset class. It is no longer a luxury for high net worth individuals in developing countries, but a necessity.
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Singapore Hengsheng Group carried out charitable activities in Grenada and donated materials to schools in Grenada
  On October 31, 2019, Singapore Hengsheng Group launched a charity event in Grenada and donated stationery worth US$125,000 to the school in Grenada. Mr. Yan Xiaomeng, General Manager of China Railway Construction Region, Mr. Li Yuanfa, Chairman of Hengsheng Group, and relevant leaders of the education department of Grenada and heads of funded schools participated in the donation activity.
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Grenada passport is expected to be visa-free to Canada
  Grenada and Canada have maintained close contacts. On average, more than tens of thousands of people visit Grenada for tourism every year in Canada. Every year Grenada and Canada also maintain considerable trade exchanges, such as spices and other agricultural products.
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The global wealth class seeks advantages and avoids disadvantages, and the key role of second nationality status is highlighted
  Under the 2020 epidemic, 178 billionaires around the world made the list for the first time. The achievements of many new billionaires are also inseparable from this epidemic.
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Grenada citizenship by investment adds notarization of affidavits
  Recently, the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Department revised the relevant immigration policies, increased the notarization method of the pledge of allegiance, and the flexibility and convenience of preparing documents have been further improved!
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The Deputy Prime Minister of Grenada recommends the Grenada National Tourism Resort Project
  His Excellency Gregory Bowen, Deputy Prime Minister of Grenada, delivered an important speech at the National Tourism Resort Promotion Conference as a special guest, introducing Grenada's geographical advantages and development prospects.
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Grenada, a Caribbean island nation, has gradually become the new favorite of overseas investment
  Grenada is a young and energetic country that attracts more than 400,000 overseas tourists every year. It has excellent natural conditions and is located in the heart of the four continents of North America, South America, Europe and Africa. It is a gateway to the world and enjoys free trade in Caribbean organizations.
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First approved, reinvested, risk-free fast passport immigration: Grenada National Tourism Resort Project
  In the context of CRS and foreign exchange control, the role of global asset allocation has become more and more obvious. The investment thresholds of mainstream immigration countries are constantly increasing, the processing time is long, the cost is huge, and the immigration supervision is time-consuming and laborious, making the wind of investment immigration start to blow towards some "short, flat and fast" immigration projects, of which the Grenada immigration project is obtained with its short cycle and one step. Commonwealth status, no immigration supervision, and convenient tax planning functions stand out and become the first choice for the global wealthy nationality project. At the same time, citizens of Grenada can apply for an E-2 visa to the United States.
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