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In August 2013, Grenada passed Act No.15 of 2013, allowing investors to obtain Grenada citizenship by investing in fixed assets projects approved by the Grenada Government, and to file applications for citizenship with dependant applicants.

In May 2019, Grenada amended Act No.15 of 2013 to allow multiple investors to invest in one approved project, and the investment amount of each investor shall not be less than US $220,000, thus obtaining Grenada citizenship for investor and dependant applicants

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What are the unique advantages of immigration to Grenada?

  Grenada is a world-renowned offshore financial center without personal income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, etc. With Grenada status, it can facilitate the overseas listing of domestic companies with high assets, which is conducive to the "globalization" of Chinese immigrants' lives and wealth.

Is Grenada a Commonwealth country? What's so special?

  In recent years, the international immigration market has undergone great changes. The immigration policies of traditional immigration countries are becoming stricter and the immigration road has become extremely difficult. After European countries have successively launched immigration projects, especially investment immigration projects, they have won the market favor by virtue of their high immigration cost-effectiveness. Since it is a Grenada passport, it is very popular. The number of applications per year remains high. Does Grenada belong to the Commonwealth of Nations? What is special?

Why is the Grenada passport a new shortcut to enter the United States?

  About E-2 visa   The E-2 visa is for citizens of countries that have bilateral treaties (commercial trade and navigation agreements) with the United States. These citizens come to the United States to conduct trade on a considerable scale, including trade in technology and services, and mainly operate between the United States and the treaty countries. For trade, or to develop and operate an investment enterprise in the United States, or to make a considerable investment in the United States, you can apply for an E2 visa. Simply put, the U.S. E-2 visa refers to the "treaty investor visa", which is a long-term, renewable non-immigrant work visa. The holder can bring his spouse and children under 21 years of age to enjoy free entry and exit in the United States. Residence, and certain free education rights. The E-2 visa is very suitable for investors who want to quickly start a business and live in the United States. The validity period of the E-2 visa is generally 5 years, but as long as the investor’s company can make normal profits, the visa can be extended indefinitely. At the same time, there is no quota for the issuance of E-2 visas, no scheduling is required, the processing speed is fast, and the visa results can be obtained in 3-6 months. Since China is not a treaty investor agreement country of the United States, Chinese passports cannot be used for E-2 visa applications.

Why choose a Grenada passport to study at an international school?

  1. The Grenada passport is a "sunshine passport" recognized by the People's Republic of China


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